Welding & Brazing

Welding & Brazing


TPI has experience in welding, both TIG and electron beam. Our subsidiary, SDMS, adds to our expertise in this industry.

  • RCCM RCCM-R CODAP certified
  • Welding methods: CS, SQMOQ, SQS 
  • Liquid penetrant testing: Cofrend 2 certified

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TIG welding replaces the fuse wire with a non-consumable electrode while retaining the advantage of protecting the weld area with a shielding gas. The non-consumable electrode is made of tungsten and the gas used for shielding is inert, hence the name TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Since the electrode is non-consumable, TIG welding requires a filler metal.

TPI has many TIG systems (up to 400 A)


Electron beam welding is a metal joining technique used to achieve high strength joints with minimal deformation of the joined parts.

TPI has 1 electron beam machine

  • Techmeta: Gun power 15 km Chamber 10 m3
    • Motions: Table Y 500 mm Table X 2300 mm
    • Rotary welding possible


Brazing is an extremely versatile process. With brazing, you can weld a wide range of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. And because brazing does not melt the base metal, it is ideal for welding metals with different melting points.

We use our Nicrobraz® soldering chamber to braze small parts and fine-tune our soldering processes.

TPI is working with the company CELES to develop an inductor specific to the brazing process.

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