TechnoPlus Industrie recruit !

  • At TechnoPlus Industries, we care about the well-being of our employees. TPI is a small company, so we can stay people-oriented and build relationships with each individual.

When you join TechnoPlus Industries, you can express your skills and personality as a part of our exciting and ambitious company!

We employ all professions in the metallurgical industry at TechnoPlus Industries: whether you are a machinist, manufacturing controller, welder, methods engineer, design engineer, draughtsman/projector, or project manager, etc.

Feel free to send in a speculative application for the position that interests you (see bottom of page); we will be happy to hear from you.

We have two sites, one in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance and the other in Les Pennes-Mirabeau. You will find offers for both locations on this page.

Note: TPI's professional equality index is not calculable for 2019                                                                                                              


Chef.fe de Projet Junior

Poste à pourvoir Septembre 2020



Contrôleur.euse Pièces Mécaniques

Position available immediately

Les Pennes - Mirabeau


Assistant.e Achats MI-TEMPS

Poste à pourvoir Septembre 2020

Les Pennes-Mirabeau



As an HR Director, it is very satisfying to see a high-tech company that serves demanding industries like TPI grow. It’s the men and women that work for the company every day that make all of this possible. TechnoPlus works like an orchestra: each person has a score to play so that the overall result is fair, consistent and satisfactory for customers and partners.

To achieve this, TechnoPlus Industries has developed a social, societal and environmental responsibility policy designed to optimise economic performance:

  • Bringing in and retaining talent at all levels, with a training and continuing education programme, and creating the conditions necessary for social mobility through professional reviews,
  • Making versatility a priority to diversify career paths and facilitate internal mobility,
  • Hiring block release trainees, training them, introducing them to our field and making this a stepping stone to recruitment,
  • Promoting gender diversity and equality between women and men in the workplace by recruiting young women as block release trainees in the technical fields,
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer by keeping senior staff employed while the younger generation gets their start,
  • Hiring people with disabilities and keeping them employed by taking their disabilities into account and providing appropriate support,
  • Maintaining an active professional risk prevention policy for the environment and employee health and safety in order to provide optimal work conditions,
  • Fighting discrimination and guaranteeing equal opportunities by making our value of respect the foundation of any relationship.


TPI is a company that is firmly committed to the future.

Françoise Pannier




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