TPI’s team of assemblers is experienced in the assembly and integration of mechanical, instrumentation and control assemblies.

At our Saint-Paul-lez-Durance site, we have 1200 m² of clean, air-conditioned halls for the assembly and testing of large equipment.

Our teams are here to meet your needs.






At the Saint-Paul-lez-Durance site

we have 3 assembly and testing halls

Our teams and our customers’ teams can work in optimal conditions

Each assembly hall has its own handling equipment

(5 to 20T bridge crane).






With our testing pits, TPI can assemble and test all types of mechanical assemblies, test loops and a wide variety of specific tools, all on site. 

  • Pit 1 with watertight stainless steel casing, diam. 3 m, depth 6 m. Height under hook 13 m
    => Underwater testing possible
  • Pit 2 with a diameter of 6 m, depth 8 m. Height under hook 14 m
  • Pit 3 with a diameter of 3 m, depth 6 m Height under hook 14 m




To guarantee that our products meet our customers’ needs, we carry out / design a variety of tests.

  • RCCM RCCM-R CODAP certified
  • Welding methods: CS, SQMOQ, SQS 
  • Liquid penetrant testing: Cofrend 2 certified
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